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Who may benefit from funding -


Litigants who have a strong claim and would like financial assistance to pursue it through the court system.


You choose your own preferred and best value legal team.

Our financial support will indicate to the opponent our (as well as your solicitor’s and counsel’s) confidence in the case.

Law firms

Our objective is to enable cases which have a reasonably good prospect of success to be pursued in circumstances where this would not otherwise be possible because of the lack of resources of the client and/or concern over a possible adverse award of expenses, especially where the prospective opponent is well resourced and motivated to resist the claim, however well founded it may be.

We pay the legal costs on a monthly basis, or when required, allowing the solicitor to focus on the claim.

We do not insist on conditional fee agreements.

We will never interfere with the running of the case.

In-house Counsel

Litigation funding allows companies to pursue claims if perhaps it does not fit into the legal budget.

Insolvency Practitioners

Insolvency practitioners use litigation funding to pursue claims which would otherwise be written off.

We can also provide written advice on the fundability of a claim, to allow the Insolvency practitioner the comfort that they have explored all options.

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